Career in pharmacies redefined in 5 steps!


01. Training

You do not feel ready? … we will fix that together!

Antaria helps you develop your skills outside the scientific fields, to prepare you to become a future business leader. We offer you tailored training programs in business management, finance, accounting, purchasing, team management …

You do not have experience in running pharmacies? You could join one of our partner pharmacists to build the skill set required to manage pharmacy operations.



Shortage of funds? … we have the solution!

With Antaria financing solutions, opportunities would become wide open for you to become a pharmacy business owner. We give you the means to fund your projects with financing that respects your professional independence.

We will assist you in your application for a bank loan to fund acquisitions, and help you find an extra financing piece to bridge a shortage of your equity.


03. Support

Worried about your first days as a business owner? … no need!

Not only will our team assist you auditing and acquiring your pharmacy (read more here: link to transactional services), we will be with you on the ground from the first day of becoming a business owner, to help you in this important transition in your career.

Once confidence and mastery are there, our team will continue assisting you to ensure smooth management of your pharmacy navigating difficulties and market hazards (read more here: link to business services).


04. Growth

20 years in the same pharmacy? … it is a thing of the past!

Once your competencies as a pharmacy business owner have matured, we will start together searching for a new challenge and more opportunities: a larger pharmacy or a challenging development project.

You could also keep a stake in your first acquisition and grow your portfolio.

As a team

05. As a team

Alone? … never!

When you become an Antaria partner, you will join a collaborative network of pharmacists. This network will be a second platform you could leverage to push forward your business.

Beyond day-to-day business, our senior pharmacists will be your trusted counsel in your future career decisions.

Matthieu G.

After working for several years as an assistant pharmacist, I started looking for a specialised company to help me from A to Z in acquiring and launching my first business. The team at Antaria helped me quickly move from ideas to action. With Antaria’s help, in less than 6 months, I was able to sign an agreement to acquire my first pharmacy and put a complete financing for the acquisition in place. I couldn’t have done it without Antaria’s knowhow and assistance in sourcing and screening opportunities, acquisition and financing negotiations, and their financial support and advice.

Matthieu G. - 32 years, pharmacy owner since July 2019