Antaria Pharmaceuticals

Antaria offers wide-ranging services to develop and optimise the management of pharmacies. Antaria will be by your side from the first day as a pharmacy owner and all along your career.

Accelerator of growth

An end-to-end, business services provider that delivers financing and business tools to independent pharmacists to go further, much faster.

Independent pharmacists

A strategy based on upholding a pharmacy market organised à la française, and on respecting the deontological principles of the profession.

Conceived for pharmacists

Contribute to overcoming today’s challenges while advancing the pharmacists’ role at the service of the community.

Create, grow, take up a new challenge

Conceive and execute the launch of your business and all that follows: management, HR, transformation plans, growth strategies, operational optimisation, and exit.

A team of

The expertise of Antaria’s team of professionals, network of specialists and a new approach to modern pharmacy.


Antaria offers alternative financing solutions beyond traditional bank financing, to overcome insufficient equity.

While upholding the independence of pharmacists and preserving their heritage, Antaria’s innovative model and solutions aim to enhances pharmacists’ contribution and allow them to progress further and faster as effective members of a rapidly evolving profession.

Pharmacists have a critical role to play in a sustainable and resilient healthcare system, improving the health of the individuals and the communities they serve.

Being present in the heart of communities, pharmacies are the most accessible healthcare facility available to the public.

Young Pharmacists

Young Pharmacists

Looking for a stimulating career that puts forward the entrepreneur in you? Let Antaria help you with training, financing, and post-acquisition business assistance. With our team you are never alone!

Antaria is your partner of choice at every stage of your professional career.

Established Pharmacists

Established Pharmacists

Looking to increase the number of your investments, transition to a larger pharmacy, run better management controls, achieve more efficient operations, or join an innovative buying group?

Antaria is your partner to help you achieve your objectives.